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Day 17. A quokka in a Queen t-shirt

Updated: Apr 20, 2018

Okay, I admit that this is a pure cheat. I couldn't find any clothes beginning with Q but you might forgive me because a quokka is the cutest, smiliest little creature ever. EVER! They are like living cartoons. Do yourself a favour and Google quokka images'll lose a morning's work but you'll be happy.

How to win

If you'd like to win this little Queen fan just go to the comments section below and

  • give the quokka a name

  • give the pic a caption (the funnier the better)

Get your entry in by midnight tonight (19/04/2018) and then come back here tomorrow to see if you're the winner...

...Good Luck!

...and the winner is Marise Nyberg!

Congrats Marise, he does indeed look like he's about to launch into the fandago!

Well done!

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