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Day 87. An Irritator with an ice-cream cone.

Updated: Jun 29, 2018

Day 87 and this is an out-n-out cheat. Not a bit of feral fashion to be seen! I was gonna have the Irritator wearing an i-pod but it wasn't doing anything for me. Also with this glorious weather that we're having, all I can think about is ice-cream so the result is a very upset Irritator indeed...and who can blame him?

How to win

If you would like to win this very irritated Irritator, just go to the comment section below and...

  • give the dinosaur a name

  • give the pic a caption (the funnier the better)

Get your entry in by midnight tonight (28/06/2018) and come back here tomorrow to see if you've won.

Good Luck!

...and the winner is elogbunny!

Great caption! DM me your details and HB Rex and his tiny brain will be off in the post later today.

Well done!

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Jun 28, 2018

Poor Peter , was so distressed. His Mama and Papa were hit by a bus.

But worse that that ,he dropped his ice cream !! ..


Jun 28, 2018

HB-Rex just couldn’t resist. Despite his tiny cerebral matter he was hit with a ferocious feckin brain freeze.


Tom Byrne
Tom Byrne
Jun 28, 2018

Eric said, I can't believe I waited three million years, and then dropped the ice cream on the way home. Especially after all the strange looks I got from those two legged creatures in the ice cream parlour....


Jun 28, 2018

Ivan the Irritator is having a very bad day

He dropped his ice cream and its melting away.

Although he looks tough, like he'd eat you alive,

He's sad and he's teary cos he's only five.


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