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Day 67. An owl in oven gloves.

Updated: Jun 9, 2018

It was a very quick draw today, I was working on the #dublincanvas Paint a Box project so I didn't have much time. If you follow me on social media you're probably sick of hearing about this project, so I may drive you over the edge with these photos! Skip to the bottom if you just want to enter the competition.

So this is the finished piece 'Patience is a Virtue'. I have to say that it was one of the most positive projects that I've been involved with. Between passers-by on the path, drivers on the road and workers in the shops nearby...I heard only positive feedback, both about the art-piece itself and the project in general. I had a lovely time. Although I have to say, between stretching to paint the top and kneeling down for the bottom, I feel like I've done a day of aerobics! Am old.

Anyway, on with the competition...

How to win

If you would like to win this little chef just go to the comment section below and...

  • give at least one of the owls a name

  • give the pic a caption (the funnier the better)

Get your entry in by midnight tonight (08/06/2018) and then come back here tomorrow to see if you've won.

Good Luck!

...and the winner is Gerwatterson!

Great caption...although it has me singing Auld Lang Syne all day. DM me your details and I'll send this little chef out in the post to you on Friday.

Well done!

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