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Day 58. A French bulldog in a fedora.

Updated: May 31, 2018

A French bulldog who thinks he's Indiana Jones. Sure why not.

On a little side note, look what arrived...

...the art pack for the Paint a Box project with Dublin Canvas. I get to paint a traffic signal box right around the corner from my house in Ballyfermot...woo hoo! They must know that I'm accident prone cos they gave me two traffic cones so I don't get meself run over.

Here's the box primed and ready to be painted. I can't wait to get started...keep your fingers crossed that it doesn't rain solidly for the next month!

Anyway, on with the competition...

How to win

If you would like to win this little adventurer, just go to the comment section below and...

  • give him a name

  • give the pic a caption (the funnier the better)

Get your entry in by midnight tonight (30/05/2018) and come back here tomorrow to see if you've won.

Good Luck!

...and the winner is Paddy!

It looks like revenge will be sweet for Frank. This little illustration will be out in the post to you tomorrow.

Well done!

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