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Day 10. A jaguar in jodhpurs

Updated: Apr 13, 2018

Day 10...only day 10? No, it must be more, it feels like I'm doing this for half my life!

This morning I couldn't draw. I. Could. Not. Draw.

It took me three attempts to get this jaguar done. If I wasn't held to account by this project, I would have gone onto something else and come back to the jaguar tomorrow but I had to keep trying so I could post a pic online. So I think after 100 days of this, my work ethic may be improved a little (fingers crossed). So if you want to win this jaguar, keep reading...

How to win

Just go to the comment section below and..

  • give the jaguar a name (horse too if you'd like to)

  • give the pic a caption (the funnier the better)

Get your entries in by midnight tonight (12/04/2018) and I'll announce the winner tomorrow. Come back here and check if it's you!

Good Luck!

...and the winners are Tom and Bernie (again!)

The two of you have a way with words! This fashionable jaguar and his doubtful horse will be on their way to you soon.

Well done!

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