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Day 26. A zebra on a Zimmer frame

Updated: Apr 29, 2018

Okay, a Zimmer frame isn't a piece of clothing but they're wearing coats... that has to count for #100daysofferalfashion, doesn't it?

I've made it to Z without running for the hills, yay! That means I'm starting again at A tomorrow so today is your last chance to get any suggestions in regarding a theme. I can continue as I am or I can focus on movie-stars or music heroes or something else. Football players as animals has been suggested (a great idea) but I think that might have to be a side project because I know nothing about football and would have to do a lot of research first!

How to win

If you would like to win these two old codgers, just go to the comment section below and...

  • give them names

  • give the pic a caption (the funnier the better)

Get your entries in by midnight tonight (28/04/2018) and come back tomorrow to see if you've won.

Good Luck!

...and the winner is Louise Kearns Murphy!

This caption made me think of a Benny Hill sketch...I can even hear the theme tune in my head. These two oldies will be out in the post to you on Friday Louise.

Well Done!

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