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Am I a blogger now?

Updated: Apr 2, 2018

I guess I am a blogger now...that feels strange.

If you haven't read my last post, I'm getting ready for #the100dayproject at the moment. It's an Instagram challenge where you choose an action and agree to do it every day for 100 days and post it to Instagram (you can find more info here). This is my prep and planning so far...

I have a lot of off-cuts from previous projects...really good quality Fabriano paper that I couldn't bear to throw away. I'm delighted that they will finally be used.

I cut them up into 100 even sized pieces...I can tell you that's one sure-fire way to get a blister.

Each piece worked out at 85mm x 85mm.

Here they are, all set...100 pieces ready and waiting for some artwork (110 pieces actually because I'm bound to make a lot of mistakes).

I plan to use #the100dayproject as a chance to develop my illustration skills. I studied animation years ago but I've let that part of my brain get very rusty! Each morning I will draw a quick little illustration like the one pictured above, then I will have a competition to give it away! I will have set rules to follow, for example I won't spend anymore than half an hour on each illustration, plus I'll only use a sharpie and black and red watercolour, but I'll explain the rules fully in my next post... I'll tell you how you can win!

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Apr 03, 2018

I'll monitor your progress, keep you on your toes.


Anne Marie McGrane
Anne Marie McGrane
Apr 02, 2018

paddymcdiy I'll look forward to seeing them too cos I dunno what they're gonna look like yet!


Apr 01, 2018

I'll look forward to seeing 100 of these illustrations


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