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Them's the rules

So #the100dayproject has it's rules...

  • Pick an action. In my case I will create an illustration. To be precise, an illustration of an animal wearing clothes...cos, why the hell not?

  • Repeat that action everyday for 100 days

  • Post it to Instagram and use the #100dayproject hashtag

  • Create your own hashtag to suit your project and post that everyday too. Mine is #100daysofferalfashion

...and these are my rules

  • I'll set a timer and give no more than half an hour to each illustration

  • I'll draw the first animal and piece of clothing that I pick from my lists, no changing my mind.

  • I'll limit myself to using two colours of paint - Lamp Black and Cadmium Red (although I've already broken that with the Bee in a Bikini pictured above but c'mon... ya have to use yellow for a bee!)

  • I will use only a Phthalo Blue coloured pencil for shading.

  • As soon as I'm finished I'll post it online, no titivating after that!

Now, for me to do a project for 100 days and not drift away by day 20 in search of alcohol, I'll need to make things handy. I don't want to have too much to think about or too many decisions to make each day...I'm sure there will be days where my brain won't want to co-operate so I'm getting prepared.

  • Paper cut and ready to go? Check.

  • Tools and materials ready? Check.

  • List of animals in alphabetical order? Check

  • List of clothes in alphabetical order? Check.

  • Emergency bottle of wine stashed in the cupboard? Check.

Okay, wish me luck. The first of my #100dayproject drawings will be posted tomorrow, which means I'll tell you how to win and the first competition winner will be posted tomorrow too...

...woo hoo!

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