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Day 6. A ferret in a frock coat.

Updated: Apr 9, 2018

Day 6 and this is the first day that I felt like skipping an illustration. It's a Sunday morning and I'm feeling lazy, plus I may have had a tipple or two (or four) last night so that doesn't help. I hope this doesn't mean that I have to be tee-total for the next 94 days...I didn't sign up for that! Anyway I dragged my lazy bum to the studio and I'm glad that I did, the result was this little ferret in a frock coat, feeling fancy. If you're a ferret fancier and want to win him, here's your chance...

How to win

If you want to bring this little fella home with you, just go to the comment section below and..

  • give him a name

  • give the pic a funny caption

Get your entry in before midnight tonight (08/04/2018) and I'll announce the winner tomorrow morning. So come back here to check if it's you!

...Good Luck!

...and the winner is Paul Kinch!

Paul, you're a dab hand at these captions. Forbes will be on his way to you soon, I hope you have a spare monocle for him.

Well done!

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Paul Kinch
Paul Kinch
Apr 08, 2018

Forbes Fortescue the frightfully posh Ferrett.

"Now where did I leave my monocle......??"


Jennifer Mercier
Jennifer Mercier
Apr 08, 2018

His name is definitely Charles.

Caption: Why do I bother with these flithy animals!? Humans, disgraceful.


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