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We all have a huge selection of wonderful photos of family, friends, and pets. So many of these photos are lost on our laptops, hidden in our photo albums or confined to our phones. Why not turn these photos into paintings that you can cherish? 
Create a colourful keepsake to hang on your wall, or a wonderful gift to brighten someone's day. Here at Portraits n Stuff, transform your photos into hand-drawn works of art.
Transform your photos into portraits in watercolour, ink or pencil.
Lord Francis
Yorkshire Terrier
Boris cropped

Do you have a cheeky snapshot like this one? Turn it into a hand-drawn portrait to cheer you up everyday. These illustrated portraits make a great gift for grandparents too.

Portraits n Stuff will replace irrelevant background details with vibrant colour in order to  concentrate on the attitude and personality of the little poser in your life.

We all love our little furry friends and a hand-drawn illustration of your pet is a great way to cherish their memory forever. Portraits n Stuff will make sure the character of each pet comes across in every portrait. A great gift for pet lovers.

If your photo is under exposed and dark like this one, Portraits n Stuff can transform it into a brighter more vibrant painting. All you need to do is provide some reference photos with the correct colours that you would prefer.

How to order your exclusive portrait.
€65 for an A5 size (single portrait)
€85 for an A4 size (single portrait)
€100 for an A3 size (single portrait)
(although you're welcome to collect if you're around Dublin)
I add 50% for every extra subject in the portrait.
All portraits are unframed

Check the sizes and prices below.

Once you're sure of the size you want, go to the How To Order page.



*see terms and conditions for details.

About The Artwork

Each illustration is meticulously copied from your photo onto heavy watercolour paper (300 gsm). It is then hand painted using a tempera and indian ink resist technique. This gives a wonderful textured appearance quite like a print. Once this is dry, colour and details are added with watercolour, colour pencil and a fine ink pen.

All portraits are unframed.

About The Artist

Portraits n Stuff is the creation of Irish artist Anne Marie McGrane. Living and working in Dublin, Anne Marie has studied both animation and fine art and spent over a decade working as an arts facilitator and teacher, both in the formal education sector and in community education.

Anne Marie’s art style bridges the gap between fine art and illustration. Heavily influenced by printing techniques, her finished art works have the bold line and texture of woodblock prints. However, they are finished off delicately with watercolour and pencil as a fine art portrait would be.

To learn how this technique is achieved and to see some work in progress follow Portraits n Stuff on Facebook and Instagram.

Click below to see a selection of work in progress videos and get a glimpse into the studio.

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes
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Annie and Paddy

Annie and Paddy

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If you wish to order a portrait, please go to our how to order page. All other enquiries are welcome here.

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